Generative Art with Processing

I’ve incredibly great time in University of Lethbridge studying New Media for half a year. There was a artwork that I didn’t show out. It was a generative art or screen saver thingy using Processing.

masterpiece1 masterpiece0

This was the sketch drawn by the generator. It can be either random or manually handled. For the examples above, I’ve set it to manual so that I can have some control over the outcomes. From here, you can change the speed, opacity, direction and color or the art. If you want to start on a new canvas, you can just hit [SPACE].

Bunch of stuffs I used in the coding, like constrains, arrays, switches, triangles, mouse positioning. Last there’s a save function, but it’s low in resolution (as shown above). I dunno why that happened. Below here is the screencapture version using Windows screecapture button. It’s more crisp than the Processing saved version.

Screenshot 2015-02-11 17.04.47

If you guys know why does this happen, kindly drop a comment below.

Some other examples,

masterpiece0 masterpiece3 Screenshot 2015-02-11 19.44.42 Screenshot 2015-02-11 19.46.03

That’s it. There’s quite more to explore with Processing. Hope to inspire others and to make more stuffs in future. 🙂

**UPDATE** I’ve submitted one of this to an art competition under the name Digital Aurora. More updates yet to come.


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