Future Proj #1 – Visual Audio Integration

By using MIDI converter, the pitch and volume of the flute is being converted in MIDI messages. The projector then receives the signal and projects according the volume and pitch of the MIDI.

A few other examples that I’m planning on,

So, the other video below is static images form by sound. Having spectrum of colors due the frequency of sound. I hope to create a real-time imagery while having projection like Rainer Tautenhahn’s sonic art. I realized that Virtual ANS also works the same way, but both Rainer’s and Virtual ANS has only 2 parameters which are time and pitch. I theorize that it requires another variable in order to make it real-time, an image with x and y axis(1st and 2nd variable) which changes through time(which is the 3rd variable). This projection is still under research to determine which parameter is much suitable to produce a pleasant image.

Feel free to comment on the video, like the possibilities of this form of art or the problems encountered.


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