NMED 3680 – Introduction to interaction design


It’s my first time to start a blog. At first, I thought a blog is a boring place where the author is just talking to himself. Well, that depends on how creative you are. Can either make it interactive for people to view and to reply or it would be just a personal diary.


So talking about interaction design, most people probably think it got to do with computers, digital displays, touch sensing, and all those high tech stuffs. Well, they just dunno what is the core of interactivity. You may disagree, but interactivity comes from one subject coming into contact and response with another object. It’s that simple!! Why would you go all the way trying to make something basic and fundamental into complexity?


In this coming months, we’ll going to talk about interaction design by identifying the problem, working out solutions, testing out the prototype and polishing on flaws in order to improve the efficiency of interaction.

Basically, our course is divide into 3 types of interaction design

  1. Analog – Allowing interactivity process to carry on with only the use of normal raw material 
  2. Hybrid – Producing physical interactivity through digital interfaces
  3. Digital –  Fully digital interaction between the user and the program 


Sounds familiar? Something like a science project? That’s actually the process of making a good design. In addition, feedback would be the most effective way of producing a developed interactive experience. Therefore, sharing ideas and opinions would actually contribute in the development for our future project. For example, does our design being user friendly, is it suitable for handicaps, is it ergonomic or likewise? So, let’s start doing and sharing..!!


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